About us

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS, which was initiated for people who want to prepare the website easily without much knowledge of programming or don’t have time to write every line of code from scratch. To beautify the layout or to add some features to the website, people used to try expensive WordPress plugins and themes.

This led to a shift in faster web development, but at a higher price which hampered the growth of many businesses and individuals who are short on budget. Keeping these challenges in mind, we formed our team years ago with an objective to deliver premium WordPress themes, plugins and add-ons to anyone at affordable cost.

It helped many businesses and freelancers improve their productivity and get a great website at a really low cost. But we didn’t stop our journey here and always pushed ourselves to introduce a variety. Today, we have 3000+ resources that can help your website look and work like other popular websites. We take pride in helping businesses & individuals with our services and even tried to optimize the performance of our products as much as possible.

What makes us different from others?
A plugin/theme available for every need: You just name the functionality or type of theme, and it will be readily available in our collection. We make a constant effort to fulfill all the demands and hence always come up with something new. Just check out our entire collection of Premium WordPress themes and plugins here.

  • 100% safe & secure tools: We care about your security, and hence all our resources are scanned and marked as free from malware and viruses by reputed platforms. This is why we are also known as the most trusted online destination for plugins and themes in the online market.
  • Frequent and free updates: Get better and faster performance with our updates. Our team of experts always tries to update the resources as fast as possible, and that is why you observe constant updates with us. You will get lifetime updates for free. No need to pay for the new versions again.
  • Live chat support: Talk to our support team to get a resolution of any concern related to the website, payment procedure, refund, etc. You can even ask any question to clear your doubts, and our team will respond to you instantly.
  • 100% money-back guarantee: Within 15 days of purchase, if you feel that our theme or plugin is not functional, then you can claim your refund by dropping an email. You will receive the 100% money as soon as possible without asking any further questions.