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YITH WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Premium

Product variants don’t often fulfill the purchasers’ wants.

Think about promoting marriage ceremony ceremony rings. The one whichever purchases them has a exact want, sure specifically the chance to conjoin a brief conviction then after choose weight, shade, bulk and sparkle.

These parameters are difficult to stay carried out of a manufacturing then these would purpose a value alternate in accordance in accordance with customers’ chosen combos.

Thanks in imitation of YITH WooCommerce Product Add-ons ye have the ability provide custom-made merchandise based concerning thy prospects’ want, so as after relinquish to them a hazard in line with advocate then buy precisely the product it are after, proper now rising thine revenue then enhancing shoppers satisfaction.


With our YITH WooCommerce Product Add-ons you might uncover the container regarding gold on the quit of the rainbow inside a lot lower than ten minutes. You solely want after allow such then accumulate superior choices shortly over you merchandise, sure specifically checkbox, textual content material space, uploader, radio button but choose, as want enable thou in line with promote you merchandise with an unbounded vary concerning mixtures then in line with present customers the worth trade of precise time.

This plugin was finest beside the numerous requests we obtained out of each concerning these prospects anyone needed higher out of theirs WooCommerce based mostly completely shops or whichever regarded their main settings in conformity with be extremely restricted as a result of the store he had amongst thoughts.

YITH WooCommerce Product Add-Ons is finest as a result of each on these whichever provide merchandise whosoever can’t clearly stay purchased by way of together with them to cart, a plugin to that quantity permits you in line with promote customizable merchandise, unstable capabilities or offering bills who Inure in conformity with prospects’ requests.

Providing a custom-made manufacture means rising the conversion dimensions about your gross sales or enhance the connection alongside you prospects, as are present in conformity with see thy retailer as like a entry formed primarily due to them as values their wants.


  • Create limitless teams regarding choices
  • The group on decisions do preserve utilized to:
    • all of the merchandise among the many store
    • one or higher manufacture classes
    • particularly concerning singular merchandise
  • Take a look at a bunch regarding preferences then present such solely in line with administrator
  • Add preferences to the product, deciding on from the consonant typologies:
    • checkbox
    • radio button
    • textual content
  • Set dependency among the many choices
  • Assign a continuing worth in accordance with the choice in accordance in conformity with the manufacture price
  • Present tooltip due to attributes but superior choices


  • Create unbounded businesses on choices
  • The crew of choices can stay utilized to:
    • all of the merchandise inside the store
    • one and higher product classes
    • particularly over unaccompanied merchandise
  • Risk in imitation of select the merchandise over as not petition the add-on
  • Take a look at a bunch over preferences then exhibit that solely in conformity with administrator
  • Add alternatives in accordance with the product, deciding on from the in accordance typologies:
    • checkbox
    • shade
    • date
    • labels
    • a number of labels
    • quantity
    • choose
    • radio button
    • textual content
    • textarea
    • file add
  • Set dependency within the choices
  • Assign a price to every possibility:
    • mounted
    • proportion basing on the manufacturing worth
    • multiplied by means of the batch size inserted through the consumer (solely as a result of Textual content or Textarea form add-ons)
    • multiplied by way of the amount the buyer inserted within the alternative (solely due to “number” form add-ons)
  • Determine if “First X picks are free” New
  • Set the manufacture amount specifically a advantage amount in regards to the selection kind add-ons
  • Set a necessary alternative in imitation of assemble merchandise to cart
  • Set label or illustration for each possibility
  • Risk after “Hide Label” due to add-on choices New
  • Set extensions due to carry uploads
  • Create attributes of “color” kind
  • Create attributes about “label” kind
  • Create attributes about “image” kind
  • Present attributes illustration of product web page
  • Present tooltip as a result of attributes but superior choices
  • Present placeholder textual content material as a result of textual or numerical add-ons
  • Present an add-on solely now deciding on a exact manufacturing variation
  • Change the manufacturing {photograph} alongside the sure in regards to the alternative add-on
  • Duplicate teams, add-ons but decisions

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