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What Yith Woocommerce Surveys does? Make a custom survey and display it on the Checkout page.

How you can benefit from it:

  • You will get answers from your users in the exact moment when they are more inclined to do it: during the purchasing process.
  • Thanks to the answers received through surveys, you will be able to apply focused marketing strategies to improve your e-commerce.

What about getting an answer to your question from all your customers?

You certainly know it!

It’s never easy to get information from your customers. Even if you try by emails or by social networks, the results are never satisfying.
Several studies showed that the best moment to ask your question is during the checkout.
In fact, 100% of the people completing an order also fill in all the available fields.

During the checkout, customers do not have any distraction as they are focused on the purchase, and they do not think twice about giving the answer you are looking for.

With YITH WooCommerce Surveys, you can add small surveys on the “Checkout” page. Furthermore, through the statistics, you can obtain information that will be precious for your future choices.
Stop losing money and trust your customers!

WITH Yith Woocommerce Surveys YOU CAN:

Create as many surveys as you want
And allow unlimited answers from the users

Take advantage of the “CHECKOUT“ page
Include the question in the “Checkout” page and choose the best position

Include a mandatory survery
And force the users to answer to complete their order

Include the surveys in the product detail page
And choose to apply the question to one or more products

Create the survey on any page
By widget or shortcode and customize the pages creating a complete list of the questions

Discover the most profitable marketing strategies
Through the answers of users and the total amount of orders related to them

Export the data into a CSV file
And elaborate the report also with different tools

Hide the surveys
For those customers who have already answered

Take advantage of the WPML compatibility
You are free to easily translate the plugin with the powerful WPML tool

Yith Woocommerce Surveys FEATURES

  • Save the answer in order details (admin side)
  • Change the displaying order of answers
  • Create unlimited surveys with unlimited answer possibilities
  • Display surveys:
    on the “Checkout” page
    on the product detail page
    on any other page with widgets or shortcodes
  • Choose where to place the survey on the “Checkout” page and on the product detail page
  • Choose one or more products in which displaying the survey
  • Force users to answer the survey on the “Checkout page” to complete the order
  • Use the report of every single survey to get information about:
    number of customers that have selected each answer
    total amount of the orders linked to the answer (available for surveys added on the “Checkout” page)
  • Hide the survey to customers who have already answered
  • Export surveys and answers into CSV files

Yith Woocommerce Surveys INTEGRATIONS

All the products in our YITH catalog are developed on the same shared framework. This grants full compatibility among all our plugins and allows combining them together to get even more powerful results and more complete solutions.

We do our best to also include compatibility with the most popular WordPress and WooCommerce plugins available on the market.

You can use this plugin with*:

YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor

YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor allows you to turn your store into a multistore where vendors manage their own product and earn a commission on every sale.
The integration with YITH WooCommerce Surveys allows vendors to create custom surveys that can be entered only within the product detail pages.

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