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What Yith Woocommerce Tab Manager does? Create customizable tabs on product pages to display all of the information you want, such as instructions, papers, maps, and galleries.

How you can benefit from it:

  • You will improve the product page usability by organizing information in an easy and orderly way;
  • You will be able to insert any type of content such as rich technical data sheets, usage guides, video tutorials, FAQs, etc. without interfering with the page layout;
  • You will be able to organize product data as tabs to offer your customers a wide overview and let them spot useful information before they purchase the product;
  • You will be able to benefit from the tabs to insert promotions and custom offers, suggest related products, etc.

Give users what they want

Have you ever made online purchases with the unpleasant feeling of not being able to find quickly that information you want so much? This is because the product page you were looking at was not effective. And what would you think if I told you that everything can be solved with YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager?

When we make a purchase, we are always demanding: we want to be sure that what we are going to buy is the right product.
YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager lets you appraise the default product pages and their contents, allowing you to hugely customize following your needs. Manufacturer’s details, a specifying gallery, video tutorials, additional files to download (like PDF manuals)… there is no limit to the content you can add in these tabs, even a map about how to reach your physical store!

In addition, thanks to YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager you will be able to create a tab for every product, the best solution to show a possible offer, a warning or, why not, give particular emphasis to a product that you are sure will be bought easily. In this way, you will both actualize the purchases, and your users will feel more positive about what they will buy.

WITH Yith Woocommerce Tab Manager YOU CAN:

Place your tabs where you prefer
Feel free to put them before or after WooCommerce tabs according to the strategy that best fits you

Put an icon next to the tab name
And customise your tabs so that your users can immediately identify them according to their function

Decide where showing your tab
Show it for all products, for products belonging to a specific category or for specific products

Customize the content of your tab
You can add a tab for all products but customize content for each of them from single product page

Choose among 8 different layouts
And show images, videos, contact forms, maps, F.A.Q.s, files or whatever you want through shortcodes

Edit or delete WooCommerce tabs
Get the complete control over the content of your site!

Hide the tabs on mobile devices
If you want your information to be accessible only for larger resolutions

Take advantage of the WPML compatibility
You are free to easily translate the plugin with the powerful WPML tool


Create unlimited “global” tabs, visible on all products
Place your tabs after WooCommerce tabs
Use a textual layout for the content of your tabs

All features of the free version

You can show your tabs for specific product categories
You can show your tabs in specific products
Show an icon next to the tab name (custom icon, choose among default ones, none)
Place your tabs where you prefer: they can be also shown before WooCommerce tabs
Select the layout with image gallery
Select the layout with video gallery
Select the map layout
Select the layout with contact form
Select the download layout
Select the shortcode layout
Select F.A.Q. layout
Customise your tab for each single product
Edit or delete WooCommerce “Reviews” and “Description” tabs
Hide the tabs on mobile devices

Yith Woocommerce Tab Manager INTEGRATIONS

All the products in our YITH catalog are developed on the same shared framework. This grants full compatibility among all our plugins and allows combining them together to get even more powerful results and more complete solutions.

We do our best to also include compatibility with the most popular WordPress and WooCommerce plugins available on the market.

You can use this plugin with*:

YITH Frontend Manager for WooCommerce

YITH Frontend Manager for WooCommerce adds a frontend dashboard to your site through which the administrator and shop managers can manage orders, products, and coupons as they would do from WordPress dashboard.

The two plugins can be perfectly integrated allowing you to manage the tabs in frontend manager dashboard.

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