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What exactly does Yith WordPress Title Bar Effects Premium do? Draw your customer’s attention with an animated title shown on his browser bar.

How you can benefit from it:

  • You will catch your users’ attention when they open a new tab in the browser and leave your e-commerce.
  • Even with many tabs opened, your e-commerce one will be the easiest to notice thanks to the animation effect.
  • You will be able to increase conversions by recovering suspended sales encouraging the user to go back to your e-commerce to complete the order.

Yith WordPress Title Bar Effects Premium

Don’t leave anything to chance

What about having one more chance?

Let me explain what I mean: while analyzing the users’ behavior during the purchase process, we have noticed that many of them open several windows within the same browser to get further information or check other stores.

This kind of distractions usually causes the site abandonment. That is the reason why we decided to catch the users’ eye when using this kind of browsing and try to take them back to our shop and let them end what they were initially doing.

There are not many things we can do when a user switches window on the browser. Yet, we, as YITH, have thought about a way to recover the distracted users and make them go back on the site.

Through the use of small effects applied to the title bar, our plugin 98% succeeds in drawing the attention of the users and taking them back to our shop.

Yith WordPress Title Bar Effects Premium

Impress your users when browsing
By animating the browser bar if the page is temporarily abandoned

Choose the animation to use
3 available types: “typing”, “scrolling” and “intermittence”
Configure time frames for the animation cycle
And set the animation speed

Show commercial messages
Replacing the default title with a custom text when the animation is applied

Yith WordPress Title Bar Effects FEATURES

  • Animation of the browser bar title when uploading or temporarily abandoning the page
  • 3 available animations:
  • Set the animation speed
  • Apply a delay at the animation start
  • Stop the animation after a specific time frame
  • Set a time frame to apply the animation cycle
  • Show a title different from the page default one during the animation
  • Apply animation to every page title
  • Set a different title for posts, page, and products

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